Hello I'm Kayla.

Your life is incredible. I want to prove it to you. 


Real life, to me, isn't about having everybody perfectly posed and smiling, hair slicked in place--I'm hunting for moments. Moments where you laugh so hard, your nose crinkles. Moments where your kids are playing pretend on the lawn, lost in the magic of their own childhood. Moments where you think no one else is looking, and you steal a kiss from your sweetheart. 


Your life is full of those moments. I want to show them to you. 

A little more about me: 


I love adventure. My ideal day would be taking my kids somewhere new, then sitting back and snapping pictures of them enjoying being kids. I am a sucker for anything unhealthy--animal-style In-n-Out burgers, maple donuts, eclairs. I adore Ever After and Pride and Prejudice and love putting together puzzles.